Her Voice of Courage Benefit Show was held on May 31, 2014 at Haus of Godspeed in Oakland, CA, to fundraise for Pacific Links Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to the mission of ending the trafficking of youth in Vietnam. The show was intended to build a bridge between human trafficking survivors and members of the community. By posing the question, "what is courage?", we hoped to explore the overlap of all beings.


What is courage?


 Through spoken word, dance, music, and film, we created an inclusive experience of courage. 



Golden Rose Alchemy Meditation by:

   Megumi Burr-Tolliver


Stories of survivors were woven into a spoken word piece by:

   Kimberly Ky

   Rebecca Kleinman 

   Ben Gill (electric guitar)

   Sonja Wright (dance)

   Piece on audio recorded by Scott McDowell

   > Listen here


Act of Courage Dance, exploring trust by:

   Tiffany Hoang

   Meisha Bosma 


Drum Circle led by:

   James Tolliver


"Shine" (Short Film) by:

   The Goddess Project

   (Holli Thomas and Sara Landas)

   > View here


Selection of songs by:

   Ben Gill

   Rebecca Kleinman


Poetry by:

   Rayshell (Dj Ray Reck)