Her Voice of Courage 2015


Her Voice of Courage curated by Kimberly Ky and Bryant Sina (see bios below) builds a bridge between human trafficking survivors and our local community. The exhibit gives voice to the trafficking survivors by showcasing their amazing courage to overcome the trauma that they have endured to build a new life. Exhibit highlights includes a community art installation that poses the question “What is Courage” and photos taken by the trafficking survivors living in Pacific Links Foundation shelters.


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A photo by a trafficking survivor to affirm your commitment to stop trafficking


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1. The Bird   2. Water Stream   3. Girls Walking   4. Changing Landscape   5. Lily Pad   6. Buffalo Boys   7. Field & Banana Leaf   8. Lotus Flower   


  $75 provides a month of food to a resident at our shelters

$100 suppots an initial care package to trafficking survivors upon return to Vietnam

$500 provides trafficking survivors with one year of vocational training/academic schooling


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About the Curators


Kimberly Ky is a Bay Area based producer/photographer/teacher. Her work is based on the belief that all forms of expression are healing and empowering. Aside from her personal work, she is driven in utilizing her gift to serve others in finding their voice. In the past, she has curated successful art shows with themes including female empowerment (Female Form and Flow), sexual assault survival (We Step Into the Light), and courage (Her Voice of Courage for Pacific Links Foundation). The thread which weaves through all of her productions is empathy. She practices and teaches others that, when we realize the overlap among all beings, we are able to connect and serve (www.kimberlyky.com). 

Bryant Sina is a Bay Area based artist, who studied at California College of the Arts, where he received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting and drawing in 2012. Two months after graduating, Sina co-founded a multi-disciplinary art collective and studio space, HAUS OF GODSPEED, with peers who aimed to make a positive impact on the community by inspiring others to cultivate their talents. Sina believes that HAUS OF GODSPEED is a second home that offers endless creative possibilities and has been an platform for others. Currently, Sina is working on a new series of abstract work which involves experimentation of paint and ready made objects on acrylic plastic surfaces. Interested in nature’s infinite amounts of patterns, shapes, and colors, Sina utilizes Nature’s immense beauty and transcends it in his own abstract world. Sina hopes to continue to share his experiences and knowledge with his community and also support them along their journey (www.hausofgodspeed.com, IG: @etoeater). 




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