Diệp N. Vương

Co-Founder & Board President

Linda Mỹ Hằng Trần

Board Chair

Quỳnh T. Trần

Co-Founder & Board Secretary

Ánh Kim Trần

Co-Founder & Board Treasurer

Dang Phan

Board Member



Richard C. Schmitt

Nicole Nguyen

Thinh Nguyen

Lien H. Tran

Susan Newfield, PhD

Neal Newfield, PhD

Oanh Ress

Andrew Lam



Nhan N. Le

SEEDS Admin Coordinator

Khiem T. Nguyen

SEEDS University Program Manager

Hang T. Le

Program Assistant

Kim Thu Nguyen

SEEDS-CEEP Program Coordinator

Hong Nguyen

Deputy Director for SEEDS

Tung Hoang

Director for SEEDS

Thuy Huynh

Product Manager

Cuc Nguyen

Program Assistant

Trang Nguyen

Bookkeeper & Administrative Assistant

Kim Nho Nguyen

Program Assistant

Ho Truc Quynh

Program Assistant

Huynh Em

Program Coordinator

Ngan Huynh

Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeping

Loan Luong

Deputy Director of Operations

Linh Trương

Program Assistant

Christina Phương Chi Bùi

MSIF Project Coordinator

Giang Nguyen

FACT Program Manager

Nguyễn Thanh Trà

Volunteer - Government Relations Expert

Mimi Vu

Director of Advocacy & Partnerships

Nguyễn Lâm Mỹ Loan

Office Manager

Bùi thị Thu Thảo

Scholarships Program Manager

Diane Trương

Communications Manager

Diệp N. Vương

Managing Director



Special thanks to:

1. Stephania Serena and Mary Tesluck for the logo design in our second decade of service

2. Julian Snelling for donating the original logo design 

3. Khiêm Đỗ for transforming it into its final form